SPA & Wellness Pricelist

SPA & Wellness Pricelist


NEW! Redness blocking matrix - SOS treatment for vascular skin prone to inflammation.
effects: soothes and eliminates redness, rebuilds the functions of the lipid barrier,has antiallergic and anti-inflammatory properties
reduces swelling, strengthening the vessels
50 min. 250 PLN
NEW! ESSENCE MIRACLE YOUTH 50+ A lifting ritual for the face, the main active ingredient of which is Hexapeptyd-3. A treatment for mature skin.
effects: Wrinkle reduction, Inhibiting the deepening of wrinkles
Instant tightening, Inhibition of muscle contraction, Improvement of the face oval, Increase in skin tension and elasticity
Effects: wrinkle reduction, inhibiting the deepening of wrinkles
instant tightening, inhibition of muscle contraction, improvement of the face oval, skin growth and elasticity
50 min. 260 PLN
anti-wrinkle treatment for the eye area
effect: removes puffiness, brightens dark circles under the eyes, strongly moisturizes.
25 min. 100 PLN
MANUAL CLEANING WITH CAVITATION – cleaning treatment with cavitation peeling 80 min. 180 PLN
SNAIL SECRET – a strongly regenerating and smoothing treatment for the complexion
effect: deep regeneration, reconstruction and smoothing, for the complexion
50 min. 200 PLN
COLLAGEN FACE REGENERATION - anti-wrinkle, regenerating treatment for the face and the eye area from the service level.
effect: soothes, soothes irritation, strongly moisturizes and nourishes
45 min. 180 PLN
SNAKE VENOM POWER with stem cell technology – strongly firming and anti-wrinkle treatment effect: instant face lifting and smoothing out of wrinkles 80 mins. 270 PLN
ILSA PRO VITAMINA C – strongly firming treatment with vitamin C and an Asian massage using a brush
effect: firms, moisturises, and nourishes. The complexion regains its vitality and energy
80 min. 320 PLN
ILSA PRO HYALURONIQUE – intensive hydrating treatment with hyaluronic acid
effect: long-lasting moisture and smoothness of the complexion, improved firmness and elasticity
80 min. 320 PLN


SKIN OXY BAR - a banquet treatment, highly oxygenating, non-invasive, improves circulation and metabolism, increases cell activity, brightens and improves color, reduces hypersensitivity, accelerates regeneration processes.

       50 min 150 PLN
LASER SHAPE - the combination of laser and radio waves gives the effect of a face lifting, reduction of bags under the eyes and skin   rejuvenation.       80 min. 180 PLN
OXYGEN INFUSION - a non-invasive procedure consisting in introducing concentrated active ingredients with the help of hyperbaric oxygen into the skin, gives the effect of smoothing and rejuvenating the skin; raising the face oval, improving firmness and flexibility       80 min. 200 PLN
CORUNDUM MICRODERMABRASION WITH ADDITIONAL TREATMENT – deep exfoliation of the stratum corneum using corundum crystals with soothing ampoule and mask

80 min.

240 PLN

NEW! SNAIL SECRET SECRET SNAIL WITH LED FUR - technical treatment very delicate, very good, reconstruction and technique.  When setting up with the use of LED technology, the light has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects      50 min.  230 PLN

THE POWER OF SNAKE VENOM + RADIOFREQUENCY - treatment using stem cell technology. It works simultaneously on the epidermis and deep layers of the skin. It provides a significant improvement in the field of firmness and tension, elimination of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, as well as smoothing the surface and improving the color of the skin.

      80 min. 270 PLN
NEEDLELESS MESOTHERAPY – non-invasive system of deep skin regeneration – introducing a special ampoule into the deeper layers of the skin by ionoporation       80 min. 250 PLN
VOLUMETIQ - painless and innovative technology of skin fractionation without breaking the epidermis. The use of special disks with "blunt" nano-needles, which stimulate the skin in an extremely intense way, increase metabolism and improve blood circulation, and guarantee the intense injection of active ingredients using the appropriate pressure and movement of the head.
Effects: intensive improvement of microcirculation, stimulation of the skin to renew smoothing the skin, improving firmness, improving the contours of the face, reducing the visibility of wrinkles, stimulating the eye area, smoothing crow's feet
      80 min. 300 PLN
Microdermabrasion & mesotherapy - skin exfoliation with non-invasive transportation active ingredients into middle layer of the skin 80 min.

300 PLN


Eyebrow regulating

10 min.

20 PLN

Eyebrows & eyelashes henna  15 min.   30 PLN
Eyebrows & eyelashes henna with regulation 25 min. 60 PLN


LASTING SOFTNESS – whole body peeling with sea salt crystals
effect: cleanses and moisturises, leaving the skin soft and supple
20 min. 90 PLN
LASTING NUTRITION – nourishing and regenerating skin treatment
effect: soothes and moisturises the skin, and the delicate sweet scent improves the mood
50 min. 180 PLN
TEA GARDEN – firming and enhancing the resilience of the skin
effect: the skin becomes soft and supple
50 min. 200 PLN
BORA BORA – moisturising and relaxing ritual
effect: highly moisturising, the coconut aroma soothing the senses
50 min. 200 PLN
TOUCH OF SILK – regenerating and calming ritual
effect: the skin becomes silky smooth, and the delicate floral aroma helps relaxation
50 min. 200 PLN
MINERAL MAGNESIUM THERAPY - a relaxing body ritual with the use of magnesium
effect: mineralization of the organism, increase of vitality and balance of the nervous system.
50 min. 200 PLN
MARINE DETOX BODY RITUAL - detoxifying treatment with detox massage.
effect: relase of accumulatrd toxins and water, stimulation of metabolism, effective sliming and cleasing of the body
80 min. 230 PLN
CHOKO SPA BOUNTY with Californian massage - stimulates the production of endorphins-happiness hormones. Stress, fatigue, senses and energy are addes.
effect: smooth, shiny and elastic skin

80 min.

250 PLN

EXPRESS SLIMMING - a treatment ritual that facilitates the modeling of the female figure and the return to harmonious shapes. Uses the active marine complex based on Algoslim CX brown algae, designed to combat localized fat deposits on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks in a relatively short time 25 min. 150 PLN

STOMACH SCULPTOR - insufficient physical activity, unhealthy diet, stress lead to an increase in the level of stress hormones. This causes the appearance of, among others "oponki" in the abdominal area. This treatment activates fat burning thanks to the use of sea magnesium oil, guerande mud, Algoslim complex, caffeine and carnitine.
effect: reduction of the waist and abdomen circumference, improved functioning of the digestive system

45 min. 150 PLN


Electro stimulation - passive exercises, for slimming, firming and shaping the body 20 min. 60 PLN
LASER SHAPE - comination of laser, radio waves in vacuum massage effecively eliminates cellulite and shapes the body (giving the best results in series of 6-10 treatments) 50 min.

120 PLN


BACK RELAXATION – warming wrap for a tired back. Cocoa, paprika and guarana treatment. It exudes warmth and strengthens the multitude of vitamins.
effect: strong warmth, relaxed muscles, elimination of tension

45 mins. 150 PLN


Nail painting 15 min. 30 PLN
Manicure SPA- with hand scrub and mask  50 min. 60 PLN
Manicure hybrid 50 min. 100 PLN


Nail painting 15 min. 30 PLN
Pedicure 50 min. 90 PLN
SPA Pedicure (with peeling and foot mask) 70 min. 110 PLN
Pedicure hybrid

70 min.

150 PLN

Medical Pedicure (removing calluses, hard skin and corns) 80 min. 150 PLN


Choice: nose, moustache or beard waxing 15 min. 25 PLN
Calves / thighs waxing 20 min. 30 PLN
Bikini waxing 25 min.

50 PLN

Arms Waxing 25 min. 50 PLN
Legs waxing 25 min.

50 PLN

Back waxing 25 min. 80 PLN
Underarms waxing 50 min.

100 PLN

Brazilian bikini waxing 50 min. 100 PLN


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE with elements of acupressure. 25 min. 70 PLN
CHINESE BULB PARTIAL MASSAGE supports slimming. 25 min. 80 PLN
WELLNESS MASSAGE - a relaxing massage of the whole body with the next hot aromatic oils, with a head and feet massage 75 min. 180 PLN
AYURVEDA-ABHYANGA MASSAGE – Indian body massage is a massage that relaxes and releases energy blocks in the body. Removes deep tension, relaxing the nervous system. Abhyanga increases the body's vital force. 100 min. 260 PLN
SAN SHUI – a unique Indonesian whole body massage. Restores harmony and health to our senses and body. Removes locking, relieving stress and tension.
treatment includes an analysis of aromas and determination of elements, body peeling with bamboo shoots, and massage with hot herbal stamps.

110 min.

300 PLN

Cosmetic facial massage 25 min. 65 PLN
Relaxing foot massage 25 min. 70 PLN

25 / 50 min.

90/160 PLN

25 / 50 min.

90/160 PLN


25 /50 min. 90/160 PLN


Local cryotherapy 1 min. 5 PLN
Laser therapy

 5 min.

10 PLN

Sollux / Bioptron

 15 min.

20 PLN

"BOA"- lymphatic drainage massage

20 min.

20 PLN


Tepidarium - Infra sauna, dry sauna, steam sauna, jacuzzy with hydromassage 90 min. 85 PLN/ 1 person
Salt cave 45 min. 20 PLN/1 adult
10 PLN/1 child

SPA FOR CHILDREN up to 10 years of age

MINI SPA HANDS - Pedicure with mask for hands
25 min. 50 PLN
MINI FOOT SPA - Pedicure with foot mask 25 min. 50 PLN
NEW! FRUIT FEAST - gentle, relaxing back massage based on fruit olive (for children 4-10 years old) - massage performed by experienced masseuse 20 min. 60 PLN

Hotel SPA Faltom reserves the right to change prices.
The given duration is approximate.
Reservations required date and time.
Info & bookings: SPA & Wellness Centre
tel: (+48) 58 78 58 177, e-mail:

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Additional fee for overtime (applicable to all fares): 0,50 PLN / min./1 person.

SWIMMING POOL PASS - 320 pln; Valid 6 months
Includes 10 hours use of swimming pool, water slides, paddling pool for children, jacuzzi, dry sauna, nude sauna, steam room, aromatic sessions, stone heated loungers

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