Get to know Tricity and the surrounding area

A stay in our hotel is an opportunity to get to know the Tricity and the surrounding Kashubian region.
We invite you to visit several interesting places that will certainly diversify your stay.

Rumia / Reda
Rumia / Reda

Multicinema 1 km from the hotel

JumpCity in Rumia - 3 km from the hotel

Lemur Park in Rumia - 2,4 km from the hotel

Aquapark Reda. Aquapark with sharks 4 km from the hotel

Papuga Park 4 km from the hotel

Reptile land 4 km from the hotel


Experiment Centre. Fun and science for young and older explorers.
A walk along the square to the Oceanarium.
Gdynia Aquarium with over 1,500 species of animals.
Kościuszko Square is a representative place of Gdynia.
Walks along the Seaside Boulevard, running along the seashore.

Warship Błyskawica - museum ship.
Naval Museum.
Gdynia City Museum.
Cable car to the viewing point - Kamienna Góra in Gdynia.
Forest Botanical Garden Marszewo.

A must-see point of the trip is the Pier. The pier in Sopot is the longest wooden pier, 511.50 m long.

Zoo in Gdańsk Oliwa, one of the largest zoos in Poland.

The Old Town in Gdańsk is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Tricity area
Tricity area

Rope Park Faltom - 15 km from the hotel.

Evolution Park 12.7 km from the hotel. A theme park related to the history of evolution on Earth.

Kashubian Miniature Park 47 km from the hotel.

Kashubian Giants Park 47 km from the hotel.

Ostrich Farm 28 km from the hotel.

Center for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark 57 km from the hotel.

Drive through the Hel Peninsula.

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