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Hotel SPA Faltom
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Rules of payment

Rules of payment

1. Rules of payments at the Hotel SPA Faltom
2. Guest’s advance payment means that he observes the Rules and accepts its conditions.
3. Introductory amount of total charge for stay is specified in the offer.
4. Payment shall be put into the account:
Hotel Faltom Tomasz Falkowski
Citibank Handlowy 33 1030 0019 0109 8530 0011 4765
sending the following data:
number of reservation,
date of stay,
name of Guest
5. To guarantee your stay with a credit card, please send to the reception:
- A letter of authorization (provided by Hotel)
- Copy of credit card
- ID of credit card owner
Hotel will charge or pre-authorize the credit card according to reservation conditions.


1. Reservation is guaranteed by advance payment of 30% of order within 7 days of booking. In the event of  lack of  the payment the reservation will be automatically annulled by system.
2. The remaining amount specified in the offer Guest shall will get even in a arrival day. Any remaining orders not included in the offer and resulted from Guest’s stay, he shall settle in a departure day at the latest.
3. In the event of purchase of invitation - Guest pays 100% of the invitation value.
Conditions of cancellation.
4. In case of advance payment and cancellation of reservation within 14 days the Hotel reserves the right to deduction of an amount equal to a value for the first day of stay (according to quantity and type of reserved rooms).


1. The amount of reservation Guest pays on arrival
2. When Guest does not arrive the reservations with no guarantee will be automatically cancelled at 6.00 PM.
3. When Guest does not arrive the reservations guaranteed by transfer, cash or credit card will be automatically cancelled at 12.00 o’clock next day, a Guest’s card will be charged with an amount of value for one night. 
Guarantee reservation - to print


In the event of  lack of  the payment in a determined time the reservation will be automatically cancelled by the system.

I agree on transmission of business information

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